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A science-based fitness program to help women build strong bodies for life

  • 6 fresh workouts every week
  • 15-45 min classes - covering all muscle groups
  • All scheduled for you - you just show up
  • 6 new classes weekly
  • Scheduled for you
  • 15-45 min classes
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“Like a Personal Trainer in your Home”

For multitasking mums, corporate climbers and anyone in between looking to workout smarter, not harder.

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Real women, real talk

A Physics-Based Training Method

At Alimba, we workout to strengthen our bodies and live our best lives.
Here’s our secret sauce:

Consistency First

No ‘30-Day Shreds’ or punishing your body! Just efficient workouts, programmed for you.

Built for Women

A hormone-friendly program that won’t place unnecessary stress on your body (or joints).


Movements are effective & efficient - building muscle without the wear & tear.

No Guesswork

New workouts weekly in an easy to follow schedule, hitting all muscle groups (without overuse).

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Everything you need to build a strong body from the comfort of your own home.
  • Bio-mechanically efficient exercises
  • 15-45 min classes - all scheduled for you
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I really love Alimba!

"There are so many class options and new classes every week, so I can pick something depending on my mood or how I am feeling that day."

Ruby B.

Member Since July


This platform is amazing!

"I love the workouts and the education they provide. There are always modifications and they encourage you to listen to your body. 10/10 recommend!"


Member Since August


I can feel it working

"I love how Alimba isolates specific muscle groups so I can really connect to them & feel them working. I don't feel completely exhausted after & still have energy for my day."


Member Since August


Great on my joints

After years of trying different forms of workouts that usually put unnecessary strain on my joints and result in injuries, I love having Alimba at my fingertips!

Rachael B.

Member Since August


The thinking is done for me

"I love that all the thinking is done for me and I can just hit play. I actually feel motivated to finish the last reps, and get the most out of them."


Member Since August


Perfect for travelling

"I love that the classes are short so you can smash them out, perfect when you are on the move. I love getting my teeth stuck into the longer classes when I have time too!"


Member Since June

Here’s How Your New Program Works

We upload 6 new workouts every week, specifically targeting key muscle groups, without overuse.

Note: You can switch up the days to fit your lifestyle.


Lower Body Lift

We start the week with a BANG. 30 minutes targeting the glutes, hammies and quads (depending on the week). A focus on building muscle, with plenty of movement and equipment options provided.

All our classes include warm up, cool down and breathwork.


Upper Body Lift

On Tuesdays we give the legs a break and do ~30 minutes of upper body goodness. This session involves targeted resistance training on 2-3 upper body muscle groups, depending on the week.

All our classes include warm up, cool down and breathwork.


Form (Core)

This mat based class is low to the ground, but that doesn’t mean easy! We connect to your deep core & back, sprinkling in other muscle groups.  

You will feel strong, and stable after this low equipment, 30 minute burner.


Cardio and/or Align

Cardio Move is the perfect way to get your heart rate up. We mix up class every week - think boxercise, HIIT, dance-style aerobics & more! We provide plenty of low/no impact options so class is super adaptable. 

Align is our pilates / barre inspired class, we use lower weights and higher reps to tap into your endurance fibres.


Full Body Lift

Combining the best bits of all our signature classes, we finish the week with an all over workout. 

Lower, Upper & Core will get hit in less than 45 minutes. Then you’re off to enjoy your weekend.

The Weekend

We schedule 2 rest days every single week. We love to take these on the weekend - but the program is completely flexible and you can take these days whenever suits you best. Rest, play with friends, get outdoors - and because our workouts are gentle on your bod, you will love having energy left to enjoy your life! 

Want to learn more?

Hear from our founder Ali about how Alimba can fit into your life (and all the goodness it is going to bring to your bod & mind).

Finding Our ‘Why’

We started Alimba after a decade of endless high intensity workouts, punishing our bodies and trying to make ourselves as small as possible. Sound familiar? This unsustainable approach led our bodies to break down, with hormonal issues and back problems to follow. We figured there MUST be a better way to train.

During this period, Ali came across a new method of training and found it so beneficial that she undertook her 200-hour EVLO Certification to teach this new way of moving to others. After introducing the method to Maria (a personal trainer with a Bachelors in Health Education and an all round pocket rocket) - it was love at first lunge.

We thought - why aren’t all women training this way? Alimba is here to reinvigorate how we move (and how we talk about our bodies). We are here to be straight up, science-based and give our members a platform that provides consistency and a chance to fall in love with exercise again.

We hope you love it as much as we do. Ali & Maria xx

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